Training for expats

Training for Expats

My name is Vladimir Veverka. I work as a personal trainer for expats in Prague. I love this job, I love training and everything related to a healthy way of life. I have been personal training for many years and I have considerable experience and good results with it. I have an individual approach to each client because each client needs to create their own tailor-made program. Training for expats also means providing training in English in Prague.

Does your back hurt? Do everything possible to change it. Decide as quickly as possible. As a personal trainer for expats, I will save you a lot of time spent visiting the doctor. Most back or arm and leg pains are related to spine problems. These are very often associated with poor posture. My training for expats is here for you.

If you have movement problems, really start to solve them as soon as possible. I will help you with the initial uncertainty of what exercises to choose and see to it that you do them correctly and do not hurt yourself. Improperly performing the exercises could make your problems worse. Personal training is very important, not every person can do all the exercises. You will love my training in English in Prague.

Not satisfied with your character? Are you determined to do something about it? Correctly. Get started now! My training for expats is not just a training for athletes. I also provide personal training to people who do not have time for sport. Men and women who have a sedentary job and do not have much opportunities to do sports and exercise. I speak English and as a personal trainer for expats I am able to lead training in English in Prague. You don't have to worry that we won't understand each other.

What do personal training focus on?

From my experience personal trainer for expats, I know that if you are a man, muscles are important to you. This is achieved by exercising more heavily with fewer reps. Personal training is very important here, so that the muscles do not tear or tear. For women, it is especially important to shape the body by strengthening problematic parts. Personal training is focused mainly on the background, thighs and abdomen. Most often a good result is achieved by exercising with less weight and more repetitions. Thanks to this training is also suitable as endurance training for getting good fitness.

Weight loss is often significant in women (but also in men). Someone is overweight, the other needs some extra weight. Each body has a different disposition and each person lives a different way of life to which personal training has to adapt.

Training for expats and training in English from personal trainer for expats Vladimir Veverka

As a personal trainer for expats in Prague, I do training in English to improve overall fitness. During training for expats I will create effective personal training programs for both exercise and weight loss. We focus mainly on losing the problematic parts of your body, and then on strengthening them.

Although you can find lots of free training guides on the Internet, poor performance or poorly determined doses will not give you good results and may even damage your health.

Therefore, it is advisable to have an experienced personal trainer for expats, who will advise you on everything and alert you to your mistakes you make during training. You will have someone who motivates and encourages you. You will achieve your goals faster, more efficiently and your dream will come true.