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Do you want to change your diet or lifestyle? Do you need to lose weight, gain weight or gain muscle mass? Don't be afraid to contact me. With the help of effective nutritional advice, I will help you fulfill your wishes. Nutrition counseling is a service suitable for the general public. Thanks to him, I will teach you to avoid harmful foods, you will learn what benefits your body instead. If you need a change, I'm here for you. I will prepare tailored nutrition advice for you at any time - send your order today and meet your new figure. 

Nutritional counseling - everyone has different goals

In general, nutrition counseling deals with what we should eat, in what quantity and when. Thanks to this, you will achieve the set goals. Each person has different goals. One of the most requested is to eat healthily, for example completely avoiding sugar and sweets. The requirements for nutritional counseling also differ depending on what your specific goal is, most often according to age and with regard to physical condition. 

 The most common goals of nutrition counseling tend to be:

  • lose weight

  • gain muscle mass

  • shape the figure

  • change your diet during or after pregnancy 

  • proper nutrition during sports activities and elite sports

Nutrition counseling - beware of fraudsters

On the Internet, you will find a wide variety of companies that focus on the sale of various supplements. They are then looking for part-timers for the position of nutritionists. In reality, they are just trying to sell you as many different vitamins as possible, which often lead to no results. Be careful with whom you deal with, with whom you have a customized menu made. Arrange this service with independent nutritionists with excellent references. 

How should nutritional counseling be done?

We will introduce you to the unfair practices of self-proclaimed nutritionists who are far from real professionals. A professional nutritionist makes a full-time living from this work, while an untrained professional is usually a student who does not have the knowledge and orientation in nutrition counseling that befits a top expert. Being a professional in this area means devoting your time to it, really living a healthy diet and having dozens to hundreds of truly satisfied clients. 

Even doctors cannot be considered experts in nutritional counseling. Their broad range of knowledge is so comprehensive that they cannot be specialists in the extensive issue of healthy eating. Even those self-proclaimed experts who only know how to advise others on what to do, but cannot give adequate advice and do not follow this advice themselves, cannot be considered experts in nutritional advice. Having only theoretical knowledge is not enough, especially at a time when food composition is changing at lightning speed. 

Nutrition counseling - myths

The Internet gives people wrong or misleading information about various terms and concepts, and this field - nutritional counseling - is definitely no exception. People then take a picture of themselves and you can come across a number of myths:

Nutritional advice is a scam

Many people are of the opinion that nutritional advice is just a marketing ploy to get money out of people. However, the opposite is true and nutritional advice can save you a lot of money. Mostly they met with counselors who only told them not to eat fatty foods, not to snack in the evening and regularly eat cheese and yogurt, also to exercise regularly and charged thousands of sums for this. However, a professional in his field will not allow this. A real consultant will perform an analysis, provide real and truly high-quality services. 

The right nutritional advice will turn me into a superhero overnight

So this is really just a myth. There is a group of people who have the idea that they will gain muscle mass almost overnight. However, the reality is somewhat different. People often do not have sufficient orientation in matters of nutrition, eating in general, exercise and counseling, they have no idea what the human body is capable of and imagine everything as a fairy tale. However, in the case of losing weight and gaining muscle mass, you need enough time and patience, diligence and setting goals. High-quality nutritional counseling has its results already at the beginning of the cooperation setting, when you will feel improved digestion, more energy, better mood, but transforming the figure is a long way to go. 

Nutrition consultancy Prague

Are you interested in nutritional advice tailored exactly to your needs ? You don't have to wait for anything - contact me and book a consultation. I will look forward to how together we will change your diet and lifestyle for the better. 

Nutrition counseling - related activities

I am your personal nutritionist, but also a personal trainer who offers you the following training programs, for example: Body shaping, Muscle growth, Weight reduction, Rehabilitation exercises, back pain exercises, conditioning exercises and many other programs. I also offer training for the Spartan race, Cross training, and you can arrange fitness training at your home.


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