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Golf Strengthening Exercises

Golf exercises for strengthening - what fitness coach Vladimír Veverka advises

If you want to play golf, strengthening exercises should definitely precede this decision . Why? The answer is quite easy. Golf looks like a walk in nice clothes, but appearances are deceiving. Golf is a sports game for which you need to prepare like other sports. Professional fitness trainer Vladimír Veverka says that golf exercises for strengthening and fitness preparation belong inextricably together.

Stiff and shortened muscles should be stretched before the game. Cardio training will help you not to get short of breath on the green during long distances. So cycling, running, inline skating at least once a week can be highly recommended. However, the gym should be the foundation for golf. Golf Exercises Exercises to strengthen the back muscles in the lumbar area and strengthen other parts of the body are absolutely necessary to prevent pain.

Golf exercises for strengthening - prevent pain with Vladimír Veverka

So that you don't have pain while playing golf, prepare for golf with strengthening exercises with personal trainer Vladimír Veverka! With targeted training, it will help your body to handle the sport without injury. The so-called you don't have to experience golf knee , golf shoulder pain, or golf back pain if your body is strengthened.

It is necessary to practice golf exercises to strengthen the muscle corset of the back, the so-called deep stabilizing system of the spine. Core strengthening exercises need to be done precisely or they won't work. That is why it is desirable to have a personal trainer like Vladimír Veverka who will guide you, at least from the beginning. Every golfer needs swing strengthening, golf then becomes a pleasant game without subsequent pain.

Not only back strengthening is essential for golf. Golf exercises to strengthen the arms and legs are also very important for good condition during the game. The ideal condition is equal strengthening of all muscle groups. When training for golf, the muscles of the whole body should be exercised in balance. Arrange with Vladimír Veverka to prepare for golf exercises to strengthen the internal muscles that stabilize the trunk as well as other parts of the body.

Golf swings require body rotation and considerable strength, so the body is very stressed in demanding movements. If you perform this movement incorrectly, you can even herniate a disc and end up needing surgery. Beginners and recreational golfers at risk, as well as experienced players, have difficulties due to frequent overuse. Golf and health problems go hand in hand very often. Vladimír Veverka, a professional fitness trainer and nutritionist, therefore advises golf exercises to strengthen all parts of the body.

Some golf swings require a very vigorous swing and the hands suffer. The so-called golfer's elbow is a common occurrence. Inflammation of the ligaments in the foot is again caused by long walks on the golf course. Problems with the menisci and cruciate ligaments in the knees result from the transfer of weight from foot to foot and rotational movements and can lead to arthritis. Damage to the so-called rotator cuff is from repeated rotational movements. Contact Vladimír Veverka before you start playing golf, the strengthening exercises will teach you how to perform them correctly and prevent these difficulties.

Golf exercises for strengthening - you can do it with Vladimír Veverka!

What to say in conclusion? To play golf strengthening is the first step. Vladimír Veverka will explain how to warm up, strengthen, stretch and relax your muscles. The muscles are under tension because we are usually under stress, so take it easy, don't forget that golf is just a game. Your professional and  personal fitness trainer  Vladimír Veverka will put together an exercise program for golf, strengthening exercises and a tailor-made diet , which is closely related to good condition. It will motivate you to strengthen yourself, so that golf is really just a pleasant thing that we all consider it to be.

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