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Back Pain in Golf

Bolesti zad při golfu

Back pain in golf - why start training 

Back pain in golf is actually the most common pain in the game. It is logical, because the most strained part of the body in this sport is the back, specifically the lumbar part. This is due to the nature of the semi-rotational movement when hitting the balls. In the event of incorrect movement, the disc may herniate, which requires the intervention of a surgeon. This will not happen if your back muscles are strengthened. That is why we recommend Vladimír Veverka as your personal trainer for the prevention or elimination of back pain during golf.

Not only beginners, but also players who already have some experience and know how to make the right shot, strain their backs not only when hitting the ball, but also when walking for a long time on the golf course. So how do you prevent back pain while golfing? If you want to play golf strengthening is the absolute foundation with which to start. Prevention is exercises to strengthen the center of the body , the so-called deep stabilization system. Professional fitness trainer Vladimír Veverka can also be your personal trainer and you will avoid back pain during golf.

In practice, we recognize that back pain during golf bothers both recreational golfers , who devote themselves to this game only once in a while and for whom golf is more of a social affair, and players who are absolutely passionate about the game and for whom golf is a sport as such. Golf shots during shots require body rotation and considerable strength, so the back is heavily loaded during demanding movements. Professional fitness trainer Vladimír Veverka will help you eliminate unresolved back pain during golf so that you do not have any health problems from golf .

Back pain in golf - is it the only problem?

Golfing back pain is not the only golfing pain that occurs. In certain strokes, the swing needs to be very energetic, which you will feel a lot on the hands. The legs suffer from long walks on the golf course. The so-called golfer's elbow, golfer's knee and golfer's shoulder pain are therefore common. But everything can be prevented with properly conducted strengthening exercises. Contact fitness trainer Vladimír Veverka and he will prepare your body in such a way that you will not feel any back pain during golf or any other.

Start strengthening as soon as possible so you can enjoy golf without back pain. If overuse continues and golf back pain persists or even worsens, you will need to see an orthopedist and may end up with surgery. Spine problems are known to occur at younger and younger ages. They are caused by sedentary work. The musculature around the spine is flabby. If you decide to play golf, expect to walk ten kilometers, which your spine will feel and the back pain during golf is here.

Back pain during golf - what else can Vladimír Veverka do for you?

In short, you need to strengthen in order to avoid back pain while playing golf . By doing targeted exercise together, you will help your body to handle the sport without injury. Your personal trainer Vladimír Veverka will help you to avoid back pain during golf. He is not only a professional fitness trainer, but also an expert in proper nutrition and will put together a tailored exercise program and diet for you , which is closely related to success in weight training.

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