Fitness Coach – Exercising at home - Prague

Why even start to do some exercising?

If you are not adherents of active exercise, maybe now is the time when you change your mind. Exercise helps by physical and mental vitality, often releases from various pains, reduces stress, and giving a calm feeling because of positive hormones are released from your body after exercising. And of course exercising can improve your strength and flexibility of entire body.

So the effect of exercising is definitely positive. The only problem can be time problems, or just being lazy. Both this stuffs can be solved by our exercising at home with your fitness trainer.

Do I really need a fitness trainer?

  • I can do it on my own
  • Lot of people think they can make it on their own, but when you are beginner or intermediate, you don’t know a lot of important things (such as: How many series I should do, what weight I should use, how much time does the muscle need to regeneration etc.) And this and quite many other important things you have to know and make it all true. Otherwise your muscles will not grow, or your fat will not be burned out or whatever you work for will be useless, in better case.
  • In the worst case you can suffer a serious injury, because your exercising is not correct and you cause damage to your body which could be even really serious. So it’s better not to risk and have a professional fitness trainer, who helps me with my workout.
  • There are many tips on the internet


Many people also think like: Umm, now is everything on the internet, so I don’t need some fitness trainer. But in fact there is just some general tips, because everybody is different and needs a different weight, different number of repetitions, different food according to what he/she wants to look like. So the best way is to have a personal fitness trainer who can give you advices, give you a primary motivation, work out in your home with you and encourage you in all our trainings. With professional fitness trainer, you will reach your aims easily!


  • one – time lesson: 1900Kč (60-90min.)
  • 10 trainings + adjustment menu: 15000Kč (60-90min.)