Exercising for brides

Exercising for brides – Prague

You might be initially stopped by the headline: „Exercising for brides”. You may think: “Do the brides do some special exercising, different from normal exercising woman?” The meaning of this headline is: I’m trying to make my training programs as accurately as possible according to the clients’ requirements, so each training program is tailored to some specific group of people. In this case, I am trying to specify the group to specify and build the adequate training for them.
That’s the reason why I specify “exercising for woman from 25-35” to “exercising for brides” because brides has some more concrete requirements which we can purposely focus on.

I am always trying to fully satisfy my clients and communicate out the best way how to construct the training. Exercising for brides is focused on the brides, right before and right after marriage.

Exercising for brides – before marriage

On the wedding day, the „main star of the night“ is always the wedding couple – of course. But it’s important to notice, that nobody is actually looking on man, but everyone is watching how good the bride looks. The bride should looks really good, so some flaws on her beauty can be easily removed by make-up and hair stiller. Later on, it must be chosen the most beautiful wedding dress. There may be a problem, if the bride is not able to get in the wedding dress (opposite problem is taboo, because wedding dress may be temporary shortened). The next problem can be, if the bride is able to get into the wedding dress, but in this dress is easy to see physical (body) deficiencies, which any make up does NOT cover.

In this case the bride has two different choices. She can just leave it, or she decides to do something with it! So that’s why I am preparing exercising for brides here! I can help you, I will prepare individual training plan, so you can pull down on weight or toughen on the parts of the body, where is it necessary. You can boast than with your perfect body in the beautiful wedding dress, so you will definitely be the beautiful princess not only on the wedding, but also the beautiful princes on wedding night.

Exercising for brides – after wedding

After marriage there are usually two situations. Situation 1 – The wife has almost nothing to do at home and she become lazy (work is done by a charlady/by man/by children or there are not so many thing to do). Or situation 2 – woman has so much work to do, that she has almost no time to do anything else. Both situations have the same consequence. The consequence is that women leave the sport life and in this case it will start a process of fat storage. Unfortunately you must also count with the age. With age, fat storage is huger and fat loss is more difficult and needs more than normal daily activity to burn it out.
For those cases is there exercising for brides, through which prevent to pull on weight and store a fat. So you can surprise your husband that you look still good, no matter how old you are.