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I have gone to several different gyms in the past, but the difference with Axa Gym was that I wanted to work with a personal trainer who speaks English. I've never worked with a personal trainer before, I've heard stories of people who were forced to work out really hard but the results didn't match. For some it may be appropriate to be guided to hard training, but when I started exercising, I knew very little about my body, I had problems with my knees, ankles and breathing. It wasn't good for me to train hard and fast.

When I met Vladimir, we discussed my desires in achieving physical fitness. He listened to me and worked with me carefully. Vladimir is very patient and knows a lot about health and fitness. In the beginning, my knees had a problem adapting to exercise, and we both had to admit that the problem could be worse. Before we continued, Vladimir consulted with his sources about the problem of my knees and told me the conclusion of the consultation, after which we slowly continued the exercise. It takes a lot of trust and communication, but I felt really comfortable and confident with him. When I tell him something is wrong, he listens and adjusts. I never lost my motivation, Vladimír encouraged me a lot and he has, as I say, "magical powers", he gives you positive energy and puts a smile on your face. I don't believe that beginners should start with hard training.

Although Vladimír works with people in different stages of fitness, he can really help even beginners who are really different physically fit. I believe that what I learned about my body while working with Vladimir will help me live healthy for the rest of my life. I started working out in 2011 in August and in just four months under proper guidance and hard work I lost 14 kilograms. Now my body is able to meet the physical demands of different ranges, I have confidence in myself and my abilities, this is a new driving force for me that has changed my life. For your own success, it is necessary to dedicate yourself to the exercises and work hard. In history, I made a mistake based on my vulnerability and ignorance that I could have chosen a better personal trainer. I feel that everyone who works with Vladimir can look forward to a very good experience. - Shira Potts

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Vladimír Veverka
Fitness AXAGYM - Hotel AXA
Na Poříčí 40/1051
Prague 1 - Nové Město

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