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Rehabilitační cvičení Praha

Have you suffered an injury in your life that didn't just "go away"? When you scrape your knee, all that's left is a scab, which disappears in a few days. When someone has the flu, they are sick for a few days or weeks and then get well, without any consequences. However, there are a number of unpleasant injuries that leave a person with long-term problems that can be very limiting and some of them, in the worst cases, will never completely disappear. Don't let injuries take you out of the game. Function normally in your daily life again with the help of timely rehabilitation! Rehabilitation exercise Prague offers a program focused on help after injury or illness. The goal of the exercise is to return the patient to the state before the injury/illness with the help of professionally guided rehabilitation exercises.

If you have problems after an injury and you are from Prague, then the Prague rehabilitation exercise is the best solution for you. Personal trainer Vladimir Veverka will take good care of you.

Rehabilitation exercise in Prague - when to go to it?

Following a doctor's recommendation:  For example, you injure your ankle and go to the doctor. After taking an X-ray, the doctor will tell you how long you should not play sports with your ankle, and then recommend rehabilitation exercises that will help you return to normal ankle functionality - especially if you want to play sports with it again, it is more than necessary to fully devote yourself to rehabilitation .

At your own discretion:  You discovered that something is bothering you (back, legs...) and you don't know how to get that part of your body back to normal functionality. It is not normal to feel, for example, a slight back pain , it is normal to feel normal. Therefore, if you have a problem, the best solution is definitely to come to our rehabilitation exercise in Prague, where we will help you professionally.

Rehabilitation exercises - have you been advised to exercise at home and you don't know what to do?

From our own experience, we know about the problem arising from the completion of the rehabilitation or treatment process, when the doctor or physiotherapist recommends follow-up exercise. This fact is often accepted by the patient with question marks on his face and, frankly speaking, the vast majority of doctors are unable to advise. No wonder, because the doctor is an expert in the field of medicine!

Rehabilitation exercise in Prague - did other rehabilitation not help?

Let's face it, today's world is full of non-professionals in all professions. This also applies to doctors and physiotherapists. The doctor/physiotherapist is not always experienced and will not always offer you professional advice or help. If you feel that the problem has not gone away and still persists even after the end of your prescribed rehabilitation, there was probably a problem somewhere. Therefore, contact us and you are sure that you will be in the good hands of our professionals and not some weaker physiotherapists who apparently slept through their studies.

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Rehabilitation exercise in Prague - why us?

In ordinary rehabilitation centers, as already mentioned, even non-professionals can work who do not necessarily have the necessary knowledge and experience in how to properly exercise with a patient. They do their work based on the fact that they graduated from school, but not always on the basis of their real experience and knowledge in this field, which is still not so terrible. Worse is the fact that there are people working here who only have it as extra income while studying, and we will touch our hearts as we, as students of the first and second years, struggled in our field. However, we do not want to denigrate the quality of the employees of classic rehabilitation centers, but just to point out the fact that you can come across a physiotherapist or a physiotherapist who is not that well-versed in rehabilitation exercises with patients, and that is then quite a problem.

In addition, with the exercises normally prescribed in rehabilitation centers, the physiotherapist has a lot of people with whom he has to rehabilitate in this way, so it is possible that you will only get to the turn, for example, once a week, which in many cases is not an ideal solution. And due to the fact that he exercises with so many people every week, he cannot properly concentrate and focus on what he did with whom last time. The biggest problem, however, is that classical physiotherapists practice with their patients "according to a template", which means that they use the same methods for the given problem, regardless of the patient.

During our rehabilitation exercise, you will be attended to by real professionals who are passionately interested in the issue of rehabilitation exercise in its entirety and will attend to everyone with an individual approach – according to their body structure, injuries and physical problems.

I need rehabilitation exercises - isn't rest enough?

This is a very misleading assumption that unfortunately some people still make, especially the lazier ones who don't like to deal with things like some regular rehab exercises. Unfortunately, these people are probably not very aware that it is about their physical health. This assumption is misleading because rest or doing nothing with the given injury is enough to make everything ok. However, this peace of mind only solves injuries that heal themselves – you hit your elbow on the table, you cut yourself while cutting bread, you hit your head on the table, and so on. Yes, this calm is enough for an injury of this type. It could be argued that this peace would be enough for, for example, fractures.

So if we take into account rest + cast, but that would not be entirely true, because after this the bone will heal, but the muscles will become very weak and it is necessary to start with rehabilitation exercises - which in this case would also include strengthening of weak muscles (muscle growth). 

However, if it is a type of injury, for example muscles, rehabilitation is almost always on the spot. You can't just do nothing for a month and expect that things have somehow come together nicely, the muscles will roll back, they will strengthen themselves to withstand the onslaught, and you are again 100% ready and regenerated for sports activity without rehabilitation exercises, as many people still mistakenly believe . It even happens very often that not only does the body recover from the consequences of an injury in x times longer than with the help of rehabilitation exercises and it is still not the same, but there are cases, and there are many of them, when it is not even possible without rehabilitation exercises not possible! When the body does not have enough prerequisites and substances to at least somehow fix itself, but it depends on the person and his will to do something about it - to start rehabilitation exercises.

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