Conditioning exercises - Prague

Everyone has already heard the term Condition. Generally this word means physical and mental condition of a person. In terminology of sport and physical activity there is a term called sport condition, which basically represents the physical possibilities of a person. Physical activity can be for a sport activity like hockey, tennis, volleyball, gymnastic or athletic. It is not always so easy to define it – conditioning exercises is necessary for example in certain types of dance, such as breakdance, or some other kinds of dance where the partner pulls up his girl partner. For many professions you need a good physical condition, for example job of a fireman or rescue worker. Just imagine, how could fireman do his job well without according physical condition?

Program conditioning exercises is focused on a people who want to improve their physical condition and sport results.

Are muscles important in sport?

No matter what kind of sport, always you need to have a good physical condition. Some people think that muscles no matter in golf. “You need a good swing” they say. But to have a good swing you actually need muscles to do the swing – so this argument is invalid.

Your sport performance is being influenced by many factors – your skills, tactic, talent, mental and physical condition. Skills are being trained on the training – for example in football it is shooting on the goal or slamming the opponent. Experiences come with time. Tactic is about thinking and choosing the best solution. Talent is innate, you can’t train it. But what you can train is your physical condition! A lot of people think if they practise skills, physical condition is being practised too. The true is, in some cases yes, but they improve their condition just to certaion limit!

Here is an example for better understanding: I want to be a really good sprinter, so I will be training the skills – sprint on the track. This skill helps me to get a better condition definitely, but if I want to be a really good sprinter I need huge dynamic-explosion muscles on my feet. And these muscles are NOT going to build just from running. This type of muscles in amount you need is only possible to get in gym with conditioning exercises.

I hope everyone now understands, how important the conditioning exercises are. Conditioning exercises helps people to increase their performance so they can improve their best sport results.