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Weight reduction Praha
Have you ever felt embarrassed for the way you look? For example, you were on vacation at the sea or in the pool with friends, and you had to show your excess weight? It's only at that stage that we hear from friends, colleagues from work, from his family or from your spouse / partner would not mind if in certain places dropped a couple of kilos? Or no one has the heart to help your excess kilos criticize, but you have enough self-critical and recognize that your body does not look as nice as it should be? You are not complacent and want to do something about it? Then it is for you to weight reduction over the current Prague.
Weight reduction - up to the body of your dreams
Have you thought about weight loss? The fact what it would be if you had them start to do something, and worked at such a level that you want for yourself? Do you nerozhoupali so that you realized your idea? Stop just sit on the side where you will regret that you do not look as you imagined. Rise and proud to step full commitment to go beyond weight reduction to our fitness center in Prague, where I will Vladimír Veverka as your personal trainer help you achieve it, you have the body you have always dreamed of!
Weight reduction is topical for both sexes?
Whether you are male or female, weight reduction is an issue that affects both sexes. Being overweight does not choose, although men and women have different "problematic" areas. In women it is mostly a leg, thigh especially where women are most fat stores. Followed by the abdomen and buttocks. In men store fat more balanced spread throughout the body, although the only place where it is saved more, the abdomen. Of course, these are just generally valid models of reality that does not necessarily always apply to every individual. Body structure of each person is after all just different, and therefore can not accurately assemble the model physique of men and women and therefore can not build no more precisely defined rules for eating and exercise, because each person is unique, and his body reacts a little differently and needs a little something else. Because nobody has the same body, neither can find some general guidance on how to eat properly and exercise to reduce weight. That is why I am here as a personal trainer that for each person individually. Everyone will put together a personal training schedule and diet that is tailor-made for his physical capabilities and its objectives, how they wanted to look. Together, we discuss both proposals and possibly even adjust so that you meet these plans.
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Weight reduction - the problem is in the eating
Today's hectic lifestyle leads to the fact that people eat at fast food outlets, or buy fat meal. The actual eating is in a hurry. People eat fitfully in large doses, even late at night just before going to sleep. All these factors are problematic and contribute to weight gain. Basic and most important rule is that when caloric intake exceeds expenditure, the body stores leftover fats burn in a man thickens. Therefore, although someone is an athlete, or at least somehow dedicated exercises regularly, but still fat. It is precisely the problem that although burns fat carbohydrates and other substances contributing to weight gain, their income is greater than their output and weight reduction is a taboo. Modifying your diet is therefore important to reduce weight fatally. However, some people think that if they keep drastic diets and their pound will go down. But it is also not entirely true. The body knows that it is in crisis - not a regular supply of food is frightened and begins to hold the fat for emergencies, it leads to the fact that the body seemed to switch into "sleep mode," which sharply reduces the output of all substances and is therefore one very tired and exhausted both physically and mentally, and weight loss is only very minimal. The best way to eat is to eat small amounts regularly and cover all the substances that the body needs for proper functioning of the organism (vitamins, minerals and trace elements) and the substances consumed in a low calorie diet. For proper food combination, along with exercise, to achieve that output was greater than income and thus achieved weight loss.
As a professional personal trainer and expert in the field of weight loss I will put together the best diet "tailored" exactly to your body.
Weight reduction Praha is no problem with exercise
As we have already settled on in a previous article - eating it is the most important part of the proper weight reduction, but exercises it comes to diet go hand in hand. If a person eats poorly and properly trained or properly eat properly and poorly trained, weight reduction may not appear at all.
Of course, a person burns fats and other substances without active exercise normal routine daily physical activity - at work, at school, and so on, so if you do not sit from morning till night on the computer, but the actual brain function or activity of the body burns a substance, it is However, compared to eating a very negligible value, and we are again with the password, which is the alpha and omega of the entire weight reduction - calorie intake must not be greater than its expenditure. Only thanks to good restaurants as well a lot of people fail to lose weight, and if so, is rather more drastic diet and a weight reduction is lengthier, I suggest, therefore, proper food combining and the right exercises under my leadership as a qualified trainer in the fitness industry.
Successful weight loss is only about motivation
If you think it is impossible for you to lose weight, or listening to similar nonsensical talk of your acquaintances that let you rub, how you want, just not lose weight, then this talk quickly toss quickly behind her. Weight reduction is impossible for anyone, it just takes motivation and willpower. Above all, it wants the motivation to start. If you really want to lose a few pounds, then nothing prevents you started with it right now. As a personal trainer to help you in your journey to lose weight, I will put together the perfect menu and I will properly train, support and motivate them to achieve their goals. If you really try, you follow diet and workout plan and you have the motivation and perseverance, and I promise you that you will know noticeable difference together and tighten it until the end. Contact me and I Vladimír Veverka as a professional fitness trainer Prague, I will help you fulfill your dreams of the perfect physique.