Back & neck problems

Are you troubled by back pain and back pain? Do you spend all day at work, where you have a sedentary job, or, conversely, work with your body to work so much to him to switch? Do you feel tonight, back pain and back pain, spine or have a stiff back in the morning to wake up and feel that something is not quite right? Then this article: "Backache and back - Prague" for you. You'll learn about alternative pain in the spine and back pain. Do not settle for the fact that it had to have age and that his body conquering, and pain in the spine and back pain are just emerging. Pain is undesirable sign that something in your body is not right. If you have this pain in the spine and back is time to do something about it.
Do not let back pain and back pain to chance
If you suffer from back pain and back pain, do not ignore the suffering, even "if it's not so bad." Once you get a signal from your body that something is wrong and it's not just the fact that you ukopnete inch of bed or get burned by an iron, you should start with something to do. Otherwise, the situation can only get worse and the pain can escalate. If pain occurs without any aetiology (thud, falling) are mostly cases of long-term character and therefore some "time to go" it usually does not pay much.
How to deal with back pain and back pain?
Probably there are some expensive ointment that good and work on easing your pain, but it will only diminish your pain in the short term, but it will not solve your problem. If you really want to do something about the problem and put his body back together again, you should start to train properly. I Vladimír Veverka as a personal trainer and a professional will prepare an exercise program that focuses on prevention and combating back pain and neck pain, as well as with the fight and prevention associated with the whole backbone system. Exercise program "Muscle" is focused on muscle tissue, the lack or shortening is the main cause of pain in the spine and back.
Why are back pain and back pain?
The human body from the perspective of the musculoskeletal system is a complex organism functioning on mutual balance. When this balance is disrupted mostly repetitive strain either levoupravou or anteroposterior (such as long hours spent at the computer, physical activity using one of several sides of the body) creates muscle imbalances. The body ceases to be in balance, producing painful conditions associated stitch in overtaxed muscle group and it sets. Long-term neglect of this condition leads to positional changes in the body and hence the spine (such as scoliosis, hyperlordosis). These changes can be easily recognized by poor posture. In extreme cases, as well as pinching of the intervertebral disc or to its vyvřeznutí.
Exercises for back pain and back pain
As a professional personal trainer doing their clients and professional exercise that relieves spine pain and back pain. Exercises for back pain and back pain can be divided into two parts. The first part is the part of health where we concentrate on wounds, such as vertebrae buckling or pinching disc. Exercise program is modified and customized to each person individually, according to his type of injury, and his physical and mental abilities. The second part, which exercises for back pain and back pain divide, everything is what allows us to move in space - muscles. Sufficient muscle supply is absolutely indispensable for the proper functioning of the whole body! Its drawbacks are usually manifested on the backbone of the system and it should be noted that they are often fatal. Exercise is aimed at strengthening and muscle gain sufficient basis for the correct functioning of the musculoskeletal system.
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Sources of formation of back pain and back pain?
Spine and back pain have many sources. Definitely probably the most common source of back pain and back pain is your job. One extreme is when someone has a sedentary job, as a programmer, secretary, or anyone else who is almost a full-time budge from his place. With this sedentary job appear at two consecutive problems. One of them is that sitting at a computer all day is always a strain on your spine and back. Additionally, most people do not satisfy the conditions of "good healthy sitting" when on his back and spine does not develop such an onslaught. They are used to different medical chairs and mats of all types. However, itself sitting position is extremely important, and that this attitude is not the best most comfortable, so a person takes a different, more convenient, but unhealthier position. Some awkward positions that people occupy mainly in the comfort of home at their computers, they are so bad that some individuals may occur pinched, or blocked some parts of the spine or back. The second problem, which derives from the first - due to lack of physical activity, the muscles weaken. This becomes a problem because the muscles holds your body together and if they are in some places limp, reflected in the instability and imbalances of the body, producing these pains.
In obese humans has a problem that its excess kilos by gravity fall into the thrust of the body of an individual and this leads primarily to the spine and back pain, and it is already in everyday affairs.
Excessive physical activity
If one is a top athlete, no doubt this is reflected in his body and the body structure. Each sport is a little different and thus engage in any sport other parts of the body and straining other muscles. For example, if you play tennis, we will torment us muscle imbalance on one hand. For football to the muscles in the groin area. For swimming the breast again problems with the cervical spine. At Breakdance will be busy again, for example, wrists and shoulders and triceps. However, in almost all sports we involve the spine and back, it's like Sámova way in the human body. Thus, excessive physical activity arise backache and back pain.
Spine is not ideally suited stall
It's unbelievable, but our spine is not really most ideally adapted to the upright position. Above all, the status of some bones and discs in the spine causes numerous problems. After that, we walk on two legs and look at the world from above, we pay a high price, rather, it applies to our own backbone. Spine as the body is one of the most complex and difficult functions and people with more or less the gamble. Unfortunately, a lot of them realize it only when it really starts to hurt, and that's usually too late.
For back pain and back pain a person can usually alone
Back pain is influenced by many factors. Mostly for problems with pain in the spine, however, is no one else than the man himself. Above all, his lifestyle, improper habits of everyday life, stereotypes and, ultimately, the same issue that struggles huge number of people who are overweight. Not surprisingly, it was just back pain has become the most commonly reported cause of incapacity and is now much more frequent than similarly unpleasant headache. Due to this fact, backache pays much more attention than before. It seems as if people did not appreciate the difficult function of the spine and inadvertently tested, how many will last.
Pain in the lumbar area
Pain in the lumbar region of the back, along with the problems of the cervical spine among the most common that we may encounter. The lumbar spine is such a portion of the spine, which allows the transmission of motion from the lower limbs to the trunk. To be done properly, it requires the presence of a large number of muscles and nerve endings. Therefore, low back pain usually also accompanied by severe pain radiating to the lower extremities, but also to other adjacent areas, especially in the buttocks, hips or groin.
Low back pain can be localized to the lowest section of the lumbar spine, so it almost all related. An exception may be affected hip or tailbone, which can easily cause backache. Women can also suffer from back pain at various gynecological problems. Completely frequently, however, backache in pregnancy caused by natural changes in the mother's body.