Shiatsu & Marma therapy

Shiatsu and Marma Therapy
Shiatsu - What is Shiatsu?
Shiatsu is a sophisticated special massage technique that helps improve the health of the organism. Basis based on traditional Chinese medicine, to which the Japanese Shiatsu massage constructed. Compared to classic massage techniques, Shiatsu massage uses finger pressure especially - Shiatsu translates as being "finger pressure". In addition to finger pressure, however, also used in Shiatsu pressure palms, feet, elbows or knees. Everything is of course done with the utmost care and sensitivity - Shiatsu massage is not painful, on the contrary, very pleasant and relaxing. Shiatsu trainer using these practices impetus to the energy of the energetic pathways. Using Shiatsu massage thus restores the energy balance of the body and the person feels more relaxed and more vital. Releasing the energetic pathways using Shiatsu occur evenly flowing energy the human body and thus the feeling of relaxation and better synchronization of body and mind.
Shiatsu massages in Prague - Getting Started with Shiatsu?
Shiatsu massages in Prague are usually conducted after the training, however, can be arranged only independent Shiatsu massage. However, Shiatsu massages have an even greater effect when Shiatsu massage combined with physical training. Physical training to Rozpohybujeme energy in the body and energetic paths in the body are more clear. In addition to physical training proper release hormones that generate feelings of happiness and lightness. As a professional personal trainer offering various training programs for my clients, that combine with Shiatsu massage. You can not lose weight? With my training program of weight reduction, you will succeed. Do you wish to shape the character shapes into dream? With the program Shaping achieve your dream degree in every game no problem. On his coming to older ages with a training program for the elderly and those for whom it is time for health reasons or better to train at home under the supervision of a trainer exercise program at home. If someone has problems with the back fits his program back pain and back pain. If a person is sure to appreciate the trauma rehabilitation exercise program. These and all other exercises along with a final Shiatsu massage after exercise is conducted by a professional coach Vladimir Squirrels. Best Shiatsu massages in Prague waiting for you already.
Shiatsu massage - Shiatsu Effects
Shiatsu massage helps to:
Muscle and joint pain
Back pain
Stomach pain, abdominal
Premenstrual tension
Brittle bones
Mental exhaustion
Effects of shiatsu massage client tells Helena here.
Shiatsu massages in Prague - Who is the Shiatsu for?
Shiatsu massages in Prague are designed for any age group from Prague or outside Prague for all those who want to make a trip to Prague for the excellent training followed by a pleasant Shiatsu massage. Shiatsu massages in Prague or of the workouts that shiatsu massage precede are bound by neither physical nor the proportions of experience with exercise or relaxation. Therefore, the Shiatsu massage in Prague do not be afraid to come up and you can fully enjoy. Shiatsu massage usually last about 15 minutes at the end of training - can be booked and 30min. massage. Shiatsu massages can be arranged individually, however, separately without prior training. For maximum effect, shiatsu massage, however, is strongly recommended shiatsu massage combined with exercise.
Shiatsu massage - Shiatsu Effects
Shiatsu massage aims to restore the energy balance of the body. Effects of Shiatsu massage is also confirmed by the results of studies of people who undergo regular Shiatsu massage. He was even conducted a study of the University of Leeds, who studied the effects and safety of Shiatsu massage. Research on Shiatsu were selected experienced people who practiced Shiatsu massage for a long time and as a subject of investigation were chosen Shiatsu massage recipients who were treated for six months studied. Shiatsu massages results were very positive:
84-87% of participants indicating alleviate symptoms, for which they came to shiatsu
89-96% of clients after shiatsu felt more calm and relaxed
73-80% would have made lifestyle changes
15-34% said that they use less medication
70-73% of the clients felt after treatment, shiatsu more energy
54-60% of clients indicating improved sleep
Marma Therapy - What is it?
Marma therapy is focused on the nodal points of the human body called Marmy. Marma therapy is an Ayurvedic massage technique which meets the mind and body. Marma therapy goal is inner harmony of body organs and systems in the human body. Marma therapy combines the mental and physical treatment. In addition to this connection Marma therapy incorporates emotional healing - hence the results Marma therapy are not only beneficial for the body and mind but also for human emotions. Marma word is derived from the ancient language of India. Marma translation of the word is "vulnerable," "secret," "sensitive." Marma therapy is widely practiced even today, thanks to its great therapeutic potential.
Marma therapy - Marma points
Marma therapy works with Marma points of the human body. Those are biologically active sites on the body, which to some extent governed by the physical and mental processes in the body. Marma points are specific places with a high concentration of energy. Due to unhealthy lifestyle and environment in these special Marma points on our body settles many toxic substances. Marma therapy aims, among other things, these toxic substances from the Marma points removed. Proper handling using Marma massage can be achieved by removing blockages and thus to improve the throughput of energy these places and thus to improve the flow of energy throughout the body.
Marma therapy - Effects on an emotional level
Marma therapy treats traumatic experiences (eg childhood)
It opens us to greater sensitivity to second
It works like emotional nourishment for our children's self
Nourishes the lack of tenderness and pleasure
Lack nourishes the feelings of love and acceptance
Marma therapy - Effects on Energy Level
Cleanses the body
Zaktivňuje energy pathways
Improves mental and physical performance
Expands perception, sensitivity and intuition
Opens currents of life energy
Supports the natural flow of energy through the body
Marma Therapy - Where to start
Marma therapy is very effective and beneficial method, you would surely everyone should try. The whole Marma therapy is performed on a chair and takes about 1.5 hours. If you want to try this therapy, there is nothing easier than to contact me.