Reebok Boot camp Yellow Spa is a unique project supported by Reebok and spa “Žluté lázně”. Global exercise trends with its own weight and with the help of latest equipment in the training is currently a real BOOM.
High-quality and most effective exercises are suitable for both men and women. The lesson will be taught by two qualified teachers who will supervise the proper posture and technical performance of exercises. Training will slightly look like a competition because of different exercises sites.

Contact: Vladimir Veverka
GSM: 724 68 03 75
Email: Veva.86 @
Where? spa complex ‘Žluté lázně“ on the wooden pier next to the beachvollyball playground
What do you need? Towel, water, sportswear and high spirits :)
Price: 150 CZK - Single lessons
Price does not include entrance fee to spa complex "Žluté lázně"